Now Accepting Applications

Interested in the Amarillo Fire Department? Follow these steps:

  1. Written Exam: Takes place each summer. Look for dates on our social media as spring ends.
  2. Physical Tests: After the written exam, pass an aerial ladder climb and the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), including its orientation.
  3. Additional Requirements: Clear a background check, physical exam, and interview to join our Fire Academy, which begins every January.

For updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more info and to apply, check the City of Amarillo website.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is used to test the fitness of candidates for hire as Amarillo firefighters.

CPAT Orientation: The days scheduled as ORIENTATION are intended as an opportunity for candidates to become familiar with CPAT tasks and apparatus.

CPAT Practice: The days scheduled as PRACTICE are intended to allow candidates an opportunity to complete a timed practice run using actual CPAT apparatus and complete the entire course. To take the test, you will be required sign a waiver acknowledging that the ORIENTATION/PRACTICE sessions were made available to you.

CPAT Test: The day scheduled as TEST is a test day only. There will be no opportunity for practice and/or orientation. You will be required to watch a short video outlining the test.

CPAT Events: Are conducted at the AFD training Center 12400 NE 8th Ave.

CPAT Orientation Video

CPAT Candidate Attire Check List and Environmental Concerns

CPAT Candidate Preparation Guide